About Us

Cue Bakeshop & Protect The Cookie 



About Us


Cue Bakeshop is a  Black Owned &  Woman Led bakery  focused on indulging your sweet tooth’s all while “Protecting The Cookie”

Kyrsta Cue aka Cue, has baked from her easy bake oven since 3 years old, and has never stopped! She started her business while in college at San Diego State University (SDSU) back in 2012. Over the years she has baked while working as a Hospitality Leader in Restaurants and Hotels for the last 10 years. 


Now two years post her corporate job, she serves guest freshly baked cookies, brownies, ice cream Sando’s (sandwiches), and Brownie a la modes (Vegan Options Available) from her mobile bakery cart. She serves the Long Beach & LA Areas. 


"Her mission is to Indulge your cravings, create new memories, and Protect your Cookie, Peace, Power, and Mind!"

Ultimately her vision to to provide jobs, safe space, and transformative resources to women and individuals transitioning, stabilizing, and rebuilding their lives pre and post Domestic Violence (DV). 


Cue’s mission & vision stems from her recent experience with domestic violence and narcissistic abuse in the home and work life. Her experience, taught her how to find her voice, rebuild her faith, love herself more than anyone and anything/job, mindfulness, healing practices, and ultimately making choices to protect her peace. 

She came up with “ Protect The Cookie” when she realized her experiences were not her own and can be valuable to other women or individuals that identify with her experience, want to find their voice, regain their power, and ground their minds. 


The “cookie” can symbolize anything for anyone! It can be your peace, power, mind, or even “the cookie”. 


Lastly because she knows how it feels to transition from a DV relationship and how challenging it can be to set a new foundation as you start over … She decided that Cue Bakeshop can help with that. In February she pledged to help others in similar situations by fundraising to give directly to individuals or families of DV so they can start over or stabilize an area in their lives. She was able to assist 7 people with the donations made. 


You will always enjoy Protecting The Cookie because the Cue Bakeshops cookies and treats make it easy to indulge your sweet tooth and it’s cause for social change!